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What's New?

  • Using a Racepak IQ3 dash with a Modular ECU
    About the Racepak system EeRacepak has its own implementation of CAN which it calls VNET. This is a 250 kbps bus, where different CAN IDs are allocated for different variables which can be transmitted and logged. As well as the CAN IDs being broadcast to transmit data, there is a separate protocol which allows information about the data to be read and written (you can consider this the “settings”). Any scaling / offsetting is done in the sensor interface (or EFI interface) itself, and the dash [ Read more… ]
  • New Modular ECU for MX5 Miata NB8B and NB8C
    Hi everyone, this video describes the new Modular ECU for the MX5 Miata NB8B and NB8C, which includes the naturally aspirated, variable valve timing engine and the factory turbo, or SE – or in the US it was called the MSM for Mazdaspeed Miata. Some people may ask why we did a Modular ECU for these cars when we already have the Select ECU. Firstly, as you can imagine we’re phasing out the Select ECUs, as the Modular ECU is far superior in terms of processing power, the fuel model [ Read more… ]
  • The BS Epidemic
    OK, normally I keep this show family-friendly but I’m so passionate about this that I’m just going to let it flow and be myself. I’m going to address something that Paul Yaw from ID calls the “Bullshit Epidemic” – firstly I’m going to address a very silly article that’s been shared recently and then I’m going to address the general problem. In this industry, my fight is not against our competitors; my fight is against ignorance and [ Read more… ]

Adaptronic New Modular ECU

We are excited to introduce Adaptronic’s new modular ECUs. Adaptronics new modular ECUs are classified into two: wire-in ECUs and plug-in ECUs. Wire-in ECUs are generally universal type ones that can be use for a wide variety of cars. Wire-in ECUs includes the M2000 and M6000 while plug-in ECUs are specialized units where in the

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