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What's New?

  • Setting up AEM CD7 Dash with Adaptronic Modular ECU
    The AEM CD7 dash is one of the many full colour TFT dashes on the market. It has built in support for many aftermarket ECUs and a fully configurable CAN system. This article shows two ways that it can be used. In both, we will just use the CAN1 connection on the dash. The dash actually has 2 CAN busses, but we will just use the first one in this example. In terms of physical connection, all the pins we need are found on the 4 pin DTM connector. The colours are as follows: Pin and Colour  AEM [ Read more… ]
  • CAN Protocol and Adaptronic CAN System
    This article describes the CAN protocol in general, and also describes the native Adaptronic CAN system. Firstly, CAN is short for Control Area Network. It is a multi-drop broadcast protocol. The physical connection is via a twisted pair; with a high and a low signal. When the bus is in the recessive state, both high and low signals are at the same voltage. When the bus is in the dominant state, the high line goes to a higher voltage and the low line goes to a lower voltage, with the average [ Read more… ]
  • Using a Racepak IQ3 dash with a Modular ECU
    About the Racepak system EeRacepak has its own implementation of CAN which it calls VNET. This is a 250 kbps bus, where different CAN IDs are allocated for different variables which can be transmitted and logged. As well as the CAN IDs being broadcast to transmit data, there is a separate protocol which allows information about the data to be read and written (you can consider this the “settings”). Any scaling / offsetting is done in the sensor interface (or EFI interface) itself, and the dash [ Read more… ]

Adaptronic New Modular ECU

We are excited to introduce Adaptronic’s new modular ECUs. Adaptronics new modular ECUs are classified into two: wire-in ECUs and plug-in ECUs. Wire-in ECUs are generally universal type ones that can be use for a wide variety of cars. Wire-in ECUs includes the M2000 and M6000 while plug-in ECUs are specialized units where in the

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