Previous Eugene Versions for Select and Modular ECUs

Version 1.48

Released 2017-Mar-15
updated AdapComm.dll
added new shortcut for table data manipulation: Shift + + (increase value); Shift + – (decrease value)
automatically clip “copy” region when pasting into a smaller “paste” region in tables
added new live data display control: Text gauge list
added Checklight descriptions in CSV log
updated Live data addresses for Modules in ECU Data window (press F11 to access the window)
added preloaded scope settings (Triggering)
fixed O2 sensor calibration display window
fixed TPS scaling on tables with MAP/EMAP/TPS axis option (e.g. Target Lambda, Individual corrections, spark split, VVT Angles)


Version 1.47

Released 2017-Mar-01
improvements and bug fixes
Updated CALC.dll file
fixed Launch Control and Drag-style antilag settings


Version 1.46

Released 2017-Feb-22
improvements and bug fixes
added minimum Leanout duration setting (Functions -> Engine Protection | Rev Limit -> Leanout Margin)
added “Learn All’ button for wheel speed sensor calibration


Version 1.45

Released 2017-Feb-16
updated Adaptronic Log Viewer
fixed invalid characters in context popup menus in dialog boxes
added Update Eugene access in Home menu. Also displays software download progress
added Drive-by-Wire Automated Test tool (only if DBW module is available)
added Ignition Test tool (ECU Data -> Injector | Ignition Test)
edit 2D table values by clicking and dragging the mouse over the graph
added “Learn All” button for Wheel speed calibration
fixed Ignition master trim setting display


Version 1.42

Released 2017-Feb-08
updated AdapComm.dll for improved synchronization of settings in the ECU
access to Debug window in Home menu (and other tools)
easier access to axis editor for tables. Double-click on the axis to call the editor
improved CSV log channel selection. Fully customizable – default channels can be ignored
fixed Trigger filter time tables for CAS 4/5
removed “Flag” type variables in Aux output function selection
added Digital input switches in Simulator
fixed Quick spool option in Boost control. Added Quick spool offset setting
improved Trigger wizard
fixed bug in Closed loop Idle extra efforts and dashpot