Previous Firmware Versions for Select and e420c ECUs

Date VersionRevision Details
2016-August-23 V15.000
  • Changed 3D bosot behaviour so in gear/ digital input mode it doesn't clip by boost Dc / gear separately
  • Added support for Innovate PSB (only looks at lambda)
  • Changed Nissan 6 cylinder COP trigger modes so they can accept CAS at full advance, ie first number is 0 upwards instead of 105 (ie < 120)
  • Allowed Gen 4 PLX inputs
  • Fixed motec oil / fuel pressure outputs > 409.5 kPa
  • Changed closed throttle calculation so it does truncate instead of round, also added filter for short periods of not-closed readings (10 main loop cycles). Improved Idle flag display in SW (was jumping before even though ECU was in closed loop the whole time)
  • Added ethanol content on Fuel Used (92), changed effective pulse width to secondary pulse width, changed injector duty cycle to average of primary and secondary injector duty cycle on Motec output
  • Added fuel / oil pressure for Motec output
  • Startup / main loop bug found by Shawn C
  • Serial output Motec bug fix
  • Fixed ignition offset bug
  • Fixed predicted MAP bug above 8000 RPM
  • Fixed ignition 4 bug when firing on DF mode, but in wasted spark (due to no cam trigger on 4 cylinder)
  • Changed min MAP for protection to 120 kPa
  • Added Chrysler Voyager trigger (as Subaru 99 but with 6 cylinders)
  • Added cam sensor timing gap to support other intervals
  • Added time based flat shift
  • Added 3D boost to still allow clipping by gear / digital input / etc
  • 3D boost open loop map
  • Added checksum on SPI output (58 + all other bytes)
  • Added option so PWM, 0%/0% TPS on digital output does R34GTR TPS output
  • Changed SPI output for SRT4 for different pinout on vehicle board, more robust comms
  • Changed trigger edge detection so that the edge sensitivities follow the inputs when swapped in Nissan modes where it automatically swaps the inputs (COP4 and COP6)
  • New production test version with LED time change, plus change comms timeouts on serial mode / e420c
2015-June-12 V14.000
  • Increase current output on injector drive (will have the effect of reducing the deadtime so people upgrading from V12 or 13 will need to recheck their tune).
  • Added compatibility with NTK AFRM on 0-5V input, and AEM on narrowband input with external voltage divider
  • Added imperial unit output for Race Technology dashes
  • Added enrichment persistence on transient throttle correction and made throttle change detection more sensitive
  • Added output for SRT4 dash
  • Added option to close idle valve when engine is on boost (for 1JZ VVTI engines)
  • Added variable dwell time
  • Added support for manual staging when injector sizes have been entered (VE mode or not)
  • Added triggers for Rover Mini, Dodge SRT4, and crank-only trigger for LS1
  • Added ethanol percentage output on Race Technology output
  • Added specific rotary timing lock check for rotaries (leading @ 5°ATDC, 20°ATDC)
  • Added linear idle effort vs alternator load for NB MX5 / Miata
  • Added gentle pulsing of thermofan for less sudden electrical load for NB MX5 / Miata
  • Changed 3-level injector staging for wire-in ECUs so it behaves the same as on the RX8 plug-in
  • Added readback / verify for communications writes to fix map and boost control errors
  • Arbitrary RPM / load spacing on fuel / ignition maps
  • Variable injection timing
  • Various trigger modes (improved Nissan, Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan M35/VQ35, xJZGTE VVTI
  • Higher resolution flex fuel tuning
  • Faster communications
  • Higher resolution TPS and MAP for logging / display
  • Innovate SSI4 input, oil, fuel pressure monitoring and engine protection
  • Various improvements in transient throttle (open loop fuel during transition, disable pump on constant throttle, additional async when cold)
  • PLX wideband input, PLX gauge output
  • Motec PLM input
  • Direct mode Race Technology output (no need for ECU interface now)
  • Basemaps and pinouts for for RX7 plug-in ECUs
  • Improved large plenum charger mode for supercharged engines, smoothness / antiflare on throttle off / upshifts
  • Individual percentage point ignition cut mode for smoother traction control
  • Twin turbo control / precontrol output for twin turbo RX7
  • Injector characterisation built-in for Injector Dynamics injectors
  • Added improved handling of missing tooth triggers on Select ECUs
  • Added software debouncing of VSS inputs on Select ECUs
  • Added oil metering control for Select ECUs
  • Support for additional plug-in Select ECUs
  • Additional RPM control algorithms for really large plenum engines (eg post-throttle supercharger and intercooler systems)
  • Added selectable MAP input filtering
  • Implemented crank angle period tracking for detecting trigger setup problems
  • Implemented automatic injector staging with VE tuning
  • Implemented automatic wasted spark on 4-cylinder direct fire engines until cam trigger is detected
  • Implemented 2nd serial port sharing to allow OBD/CAN interface and Innovate to share serial port
  • Added push-to-pass (scramble boost)
  • Added pit lane speed limiter
  • Added option to automatically detect neutral if no RPM matches the gear ratios
2010-November-02V9.000 (included in V10 download, no separate link)
  • Added ignition timing idle control option
  • Changed firmware to remove cylinder updating on SR20/RB2x above 2000 RPM, improved the stability of triggering on Nissans
  • Fixed Ign 4 (on Aux 1) behaviour at power-up
  • Fixed 'ign crank' triggering option with all ignition modes and forced only to operate on last trigger BTDC (so the Ign Crank option can now be used for all trigger patterns, to improve ignition timing stability at cranking)
  • Added a 'Safe MAP' variable to handle conditions where MAP sensor reading is invalid, now utilising the predicted MAP table for more than just transient throttle
  • Improved the stability of triggering on Nissans and Mazda RX-8s
  • Added secondary VSS functionality (so digital inputs 7 and 8 can be used as MVSS2 and SVSS2, only useful for traction control)
  • Fixed bug where having the same digital input type on multiple inputs didn't act like an 'OR' (bug introduced in V7.000)
  • Added debouncing on A/C request input to help prevent on/off A/C cycling problem introduced with the delayed A/C output behaviour in V6.000
  • Fixed up Holden V6 triggering
  • Added delayed A/C output behaviour (approx 800ms hardcoded) to improve idle speed stability
  • Added another condition for the purge valve output where it will turn off when on boost
  • Further improved EEPROM code
  • Fixed PRCV output
  • Fixed idle anti-windup when at max duty cycle (previously only worked on min duty cycle)
  • Further improved EEPROM code
  • Added ignition arbitration output on Inj 4, for Supra PnP loom only
  • Fixed VVT target angles based on 3D tables instead of 2D RPM tables
V4.000 Removed from website straight away for commissioning.
  • Improved robustness of code for communications between microcontroller and EEPROM chip, to better handle electrical interference, and prevent potential ECU resetting or settings corruption
  • Added Ignition Output test function (on 'ECU Data' window in WARI, with the Injector Test buttons)
2009-December-15WARI Version 2.000
  • Added Volumetric Efficiency tuning
  • Added EGT-based aux outputs
  • Added ignition firing after TDC
  • Optimised Nissan 4 and 6 cylinder unique triggers, particularly for faster starting
  • Added optional filter with 1 second time constant for temperature inputs
  • Updated the idle control functionality (fixed A/C idle-up, enabled separate idle efforts to be added for different elec load inputs, changed the target RPM strategy to take the highest of the additional RPM values rather than the sum).
  • Added MAP prediction "drive by wire" mode for less sensitive throttle thresholds
  • Added ELM327 mode for once only at startup
  • Added 0-4V Autometer ES PRO calibration on external input
  • Added calibration for Jaycar KC5486 0-5V oxygen sensor on external input
  • Added calibration for Dynojet 0-5V oxygen sensor on external input
2009-August-10WARI Version V1.0P
  • Corrected tacho on aux output for 50% duty cycle
  • Added transient throttle ignition advance
  • Added logic-only inputs based on logic-only outputs
  • Added boost duty cycle scaling based on percent TPS
  • Removed 'Enable Datalogging' input feature
  • Added aux output based on battery voltage
  • Improved MAP and TPS resolution, now 1/16 of a kPa or Percent for interpolation
  • Removed MAP filter
  • Corrected bug with the closed-loop fuel max TPS
  • Added 2-rotor wasted leading, alternate/DF trailing mode
  • Added 2-rotor direct fire mode
  • Added ELM327 Scantool error correct mode @ 38400 baud
  • Added new tuning mode: 1=MAP, 2=MAP, Pri = 1, Sec = 1x2, Ign = 1
  • also added injector 3/4 trim (rear rotor trim), when in this tuning mode
  • Fixed bug with max RPM and max Load for closed-loop fuel control
  • Added min load for closed-loop fuel control
  • Fixed bug with WOT enrichment
  • Added special trigger mode for Nissan VQ30 engine
  • Added AEM UEGO 0-5V on spare input
  • Added protocol for Innovate TC-4 thermocouple interface device, on second serial port
  • Added support for Gen 5 Suzuki Swift triggering, with VVT and sequential injection
  • Improved accuracy of VVT angle detection
  • Added option for idle-up on each close throttle event (dashpot)
  • Fixed bug in TPS cutoff for asynch accelerator pump
  • Modified DC5 trigger mode to handle Yamaha XJR trigger
2009-August-17WARI Version V1.0Q
  • V1.0Q (2009-Aug-17) - WARI Version V1.13
2008-May-07WARI Version V1.0N
  • Traction control added
  • Launch control added
  • Changed aux output to correct hysteresis bug on general outputs (introduced in 1.0L) - now only does tighter limits on VVT functions
  • Modified Subaru 99-00 code to allow cam pulses to overlap crank pulses
  • Added control over maximum boost and duty cycle for each gear
  • Added gear learning
  • Added a maximum control authority for wastegate control
  • Added variable timeslice for idle control
  • Added sequential injection for NB MX5
  • Added 'Enable datalogging' digital input type, which forces the gauge data to be sent out through the first serial port (usually for laptop). This allows external dataloggers to read the serial signal
2007-October-16WARI Version V1.0M
  • Divide by two with missing teeth trigger added
  • Aux out 4 inverse of Aux out 3 added for use with certain idle motors etc
  • Added AND and OR based outputs
  • Added Engine Make and Model selection
  • Added stored timing offset
  • Faster ADC
  • Faster throttle pump response
  • VSS code changed for greater accuracy
2007-July-16WARI Version V1.0L
  • Reset on camshaft missing tooth added
  • A do not update already tuned for adaptive tuning modes added
  • Tacho on Aux output revised
  • Nissan trigger code optimised for higher rpm
  • Digital output revision for more tolerant operation (ie hysterisis, non exact values etc)
2007-June-14WARI Version V1.0J
  • Added 2j Tech Edge wideband sensor
  • Added single and two cylinder engine configurations
  • Added coolant hi and low load enrichment
  • Improved ignition timing at very low rpm
2007-May-16WARI Version V1.0I
  • Added coil addressing output option (for RX7 series IV)
  • Added staged injection (2 and 4 are secondary injectors, modes 0, 1, 7)
  • Added 4th ignition output on Aux 1
  • Added FJO serial protocol
  • Added calmdown effort for idle
  • Added spark split
  • Added asynchronous pump cutoff