Frequently Asked Questions

How much additional power will an ECU make on my engine?

An ECU isn’t a product that makes power; it’s a tuning tool. On an unmodified engine, it will only make power that was “left on the table” by the manufacturer.

However on a turbocharged engine, an ECU will allow you to increase the boost while being able to control the tune. One bottleneck when turning up the boost is the injector size; fitting an ECU allows you to change the injectors and be able to correct the tune. It also removes the bottleneck of the factory airflow meter by converting to a MAP sensor based tune (also called “speed density”).

The additional power that you can make depends on other supporting modifications such as stronger rotating assembly, freer flowing exhaust and intake systems and so on.

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Will an ECU affect my fuel economy?

Again, an ECU is a tuning tool. It allows the tuner to alter the air-fuel ratio and ignition timing. So the whole point is that the ECU allows the tuner to affect the fuel economy!

Normally what happens is that some modifications that you perform to the engine will throw the factory ECU out of tune (for example, fitting larger injectors or changing camshafts); therefore putting on an aftermarket ECU allows you to bring the air-fuel ratio back to where it should be. Therefore on a standard engine, there’s no reason you can’t get the same fuel economy as a factory car, or possibly slightly better.

In practice, other modifications that you do such as higher overlap camshafts will increase the fuel consumption.

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Do you have an ECU to suit my car?

Please see the ECU selection guide on this website.

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Do you have a tuner in my area?

Please see the dealers section on this website.

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Can you connect race dashes and loggers?

Yes; we recommend the Race Technology dashes and loggers. You can also use the Motec dashes via a serial connection, or the Racepak IQ3 CAN format.

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Can you connect wideband lambda sensors?

Yes, we recommend the Innovate sensor controllers. Our second choice is the Zeitronix units; followed by PLX, AEM, Techedge and M&W.

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Where can I find out more?

You can ask a question here, or read more about our ECUs on the ECU product pages.

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