Technical support is by:

– E-mail (
Facebook message
– or by using the green button located at the lower right corner on every page of our website

The reasons we prefer to do technical support using the channels above are:

1. It forces the questions to be specific, which enables us to answer them specifically.
2. It allows the important information (e.g. log and ECU files, pictures, screenshots, etc.) to be transmitted properly. Communicating this information verbally over the phone takes an intractably long time.
3. We can give more complete and better support over email, as we can review the needed information / data included in the sent files.
4. It allows us to easily make modifications to ECU files, and send back for customers to retry.
5. We can answer more email questions in the time it takes for a single phone call.

If you want to purchase a loom or some other accessory directly, please use the online shop.

If you have a sales enquiry (e.g. which ECU is best for your application), you can still use the channels above or email us at

If you’d like a quote for an ECU installation and/or tune, please feel free to contact one of the dealers, or Adaptronic directly and we can assist with selecting the best workshop for the job.