1993 Mazda Fd3s RX7 – Aaron Parker

            Aaron Parker was first introduced to Adaptronic through an online article about one of the Plug and Play ECUs and thought of using it on his RX7 FD3S. He believed it offered a lot more than his previous ECU, and allowed him to run some custom stuff he wanted to use like the Full Function Engeering aftermarket Trigger Wheel which offered him more timing resolution than the factory trigger setup.   The Adaptronic  ECU also has the RX7 basemap in Volumetric Efficiency (VE) tuning which allowed him to get the car to start easily (and therefore go straight to tuning) just by changing the injector size settings. It also allowed him to run E85, which he had planned on possibly using then, but now it’s the only fuel his car runs on. He uses the Adaptronic Plug and Play Series for Mazda Series 6 RX7, and here are "The Wolf’s ” specifications: Owner Aaron Parker Car Type 1993 Mazda Fd3s RX7 ECU eSel021 … [Read more...]

1998 Nissan 240SX – Ryan Litteral

                                A favourite from Lake Elsinore, California, Ryan Litteral with his Nissan S14 earned his license in 2013 in Just Drift’s Top Drift. He is now on his second year in Formula Drift Pro2. He uses Adaptronic e420d ECU. Here is the specifications on his car: Owner Ryan Litteral Car Type 1998 Nissan 240sx ECU Adaptronic e420d Application Drift Car Engine Type Nissan RB25DET Aspiration Full-Race twin scroll turbo and manifold, Twin Tial 44mm wastegates Boost 30psi and e85 Fuel System Nuke Performance Surge Tank Setup (1 Walbro 400 E85 in tank pump, 2 Walbro 400 E85 pumps in surge), Nuke Performance FPR Engine Modifications, Internal stock stroke, stock bore; balanced and blue printed Tomei Rods, JE Pistons, ACL Race Bearings, Extended Crank Collar, Tomei Headgasket, 5 … [Read more...]

1993 Nissan Skyline GTR

  1993 Nissan Skyline GTR Owner Kamran Malik Location NSW, Australia Car Type 1993 Nissan Skyline GTR ECU eSel015 Select ECU Application Street/Track day Engine Type: RB26DETT Aspiration Garrett GT2860R-5 turbos, Match ported turbo manifolds, Greddy turbo and intake piping kit, Trust airinx pod filters, JJR alloy cold pipe to plenum, Trust 120 mm thick bar & plate intercooler, Turbosmart Race Port BOV Boost Adaptronic tri-stage boost control off ECU (18-24-30 PSI) Fuel System Walbro 450l pH E85 intank fuel pump, 5L surge tank, 2 x Bosch 044 fuel pumps,Teflon coated braided fuel lines, ID2000cc injectors, Tomei fuel pressure regulator, HKS twin power ignition amplifier, Splitfire coil packs, Zeitronix flex fuel sensor E85 / 98 Octane Engine Modifications, Internal Nismo N1 oil pump, Ported cylinder head, CP forged pistons, Tomei forged conrods, ACL race bearings, ARP main studs , ARP head studs, HKS … [Read more...]

1993 Toyota Corolla GLi(AE101)

  1993 Toyota Corolla GLi (AE101 Owner Marion Mendoza Location Manila, Philippines Car Type 1993 Toyota Corolla GLi(AE101) ECU e440d Universal Select ECU Application Circuit Race Car Engine Type: 4AGE 20V (Blacktop) Aspiration Boost Fuel System Engine Modifications, Internal Stock Engine Modifications, External TODA exhaust cam gear, JASMA flywheel Exhaust 60mm JASMA catback exhaust Instrumentation Other Modifications BRIDE Zeta 3, KAAZ limited slip differential, Cold air intake, 6 point roll cage, M1 Modiparts surge tank, BC BR coilovers 10/6, Four-wheel disc brakes, Steel braided brake lines, Full aluminum radiator, 3pt. strut bar, Lower strut Bar F/R, Volk Race TE37 15” x 6.5, SSR type X 15” x 7, BRIDGESTONE Potenza RE-002 Tuner Shagee King of AUTOTECH Power 139.60whp/114.17tq Racing Results Why did you choose … [Read more...]

1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

  1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Owner Scott Condous Location Razorback NSW Australia Car Type 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR ECU Plug-in R33 ECU, eSel015 Application Street/drag Engine Type: RB26DETT Aspiration Turbo Garrett 2860-5, Intercooler 100mm cooling pro, Airbox modified, stock airbox, Standard individual throttle bodies X6 Boost 20 PSI on 98, 26 PSI on E85 Fuel System Replaced all lines with E85 compatibility, Walbro E85 460lph pump, Nismo fuel reg, Bosch 2200cc EV14 injectors, flex fuel sensor Engine Modifications,Internal CP pistons, Eagle rods, ARP studs, JUN trapdoor sump, upgraded oil pump, ACL race bearings, R34 crank, Tomei oil restrictor, rear head drain to sump, Tomei head gasket, mild ported head, Tomei type B cams 260 duration 9.15 lift, BC valve spring and titanium retainers, Nitto metal intake and exhaust gaskets, Greddy timing belt and Tomei cam gears. Engine … [Read more...]

Toyota Supra JZA80 (Mark IV)

  Toyota Supra JZA80 (Mark IV) Owner Scott Munday Location Central Coast NSW Australia Car Type Toyota Supra JZA80 (Mark IV) ECU e420d Universal Select ECU with patch harness Application Fun street / dyno / demo car Engine Type: 2JZGTE Aspiration Precision turbo Boost 30 PSI Fuel System Surge tank, 2 x External Bosch 044, 6 x FIC 1000cc/minute injectors, VP race fuel Engine Modifications, Internal Engine Modifications, External Single turbo manifold, Standard ignition system Exhaust Instrumentation Factory gauges and wideband lambda gauge Other Modifications Tuner Power 515 kW / 685 hp Racing Results Winner 6 cylinder boosted dyno competition, Powercruise 2013   To find out more information about our e420d Universal Select ECU, see our product page link … [Read more...]

Robby Mounfield of Federal Tyres Motorsport

Robby 685hp   Robby Mounfield of Federal Tyres Motorsport Owner Robby Mounfield Location Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Car Type ECU E440 Universal Select ECU Application Drift car, that can hold its own on a race track, and lay the numbers at the drags Engine Type: 2JZ GTE Aspiration Garrett GTX35R 1.02 Rear, 600x300x76mm cooler, custom SILKE FAB alloy pipework Boost 28 psi Fuel System 2x Bosch 044, and Carter black lift pump. Aftermarket Industries Race Surge Tank, Alloy hardline full fuel system, Turbosmart 1200 Fuel Reg, ID1000 Injectors with BBP Fuel Rail. Engine Modifications, Internal COMPLETE engine build by FATAZ Engines. 40thou over CP Pistons with Manley Rods.Balanced and blue printed. Extensive portwork on the head, Brian Cower springs, Ferrerra valves Engine Modifications, External 6Boost EXT Manifold. Turbosmart 50mm Gate. Exhaust 3 ½” Silke Fab custom dump … [Read more...]

1993 Mazda RX7

  1993 Mazda RX7 Owner Shawn Christenson Location Brainerd Minnesota United states Car Type 1993 Mazda RX7 ECU E440 Universal Select ECU Application Auto X Engine Type: 13B REW Aspiration Single turbo - Borg Warner EFR IWG 8374 turbo, Stock throttle body, Rotary works Vmount radiator/intercooler, Turblown Custom intercooler Piping with Greddy elbow, Excessive Lower intake manifold Boost 27 psi Fuel System Fuelab 1500hp fuel pump, sumped 20g fuel cell, Aeromotive Pro series EFI regulator, 4 x ID 2000cc injectors, 13 row fuel cooler, Marren fuel dampeners, Fuelab 75 micron pre pump & 6 micron post pump fuel filters Engine Modifications, Internal Stock port engine Engine Modifications, External AEM smart coils x 4, Innovate LC-1 wideband, Innovate TC-4 Dual EGT sensors, Innovate SSI-4 with Fuel pressure sensor, Dual 25 row Oil coolers Exhaust 3.5" Turbo back Turblown custom … [Read more...]

Kathy MX5

  KATHY THE MX5 Owner Andy Wyatt Location Sydney Australia Car Type Mazda MX5 NA 1990 (Miata) ECU Series 6 RX7 plugin ECU (eSel021) Application Circuit-only car (“Road race”) Engine Type: 13B REW (series 6 RX7) Aspiration TO4ZR Turbo Boost 21 psi Fuel System In-tank Deatschwerx 300 lift pump, external custom surge tank, external Bosch 044 fuel pump, Sard fuel pressure regulator. Factory 550cc/min primary injectors, 2000cc/min secondaries with aftermarket fuel rail. Engine Modifications, Internal Ported by Ric Shaw, Series 4 Rotors, XTreme lightened flywheel / clutch assembly Engine Modifications, External LS2 ignition coils, custom exhaust manifold with Tial 60mm wastegate Exhaust 3” with single straight-through muffler Instrumentation Factory instrument cluster still operational, Race Technology Dash 2 Pro Other Modifications Yellowspeed 6-piston front calipers with … [Read more...]

Neil Streeting

My name is Neil Streeting. I have had the pleasure now of using the Adaptronic product in three different types of vehicles and the end result in all cases have turned out superb. Those vehicle engine types are: Toyota 1UZFE V8 Mitsubishi 4G63 EVO3 Honda K24a I first heard of the Adaptronic product though a close friend who is an electronics whizz and used to work for Haltech for a few years. He told me that after looking at the specs of this product it had everything that I was looking for and more. Given that I had complete confidence in his advice I made contact with the company. That is a decision that has proved to be very fruitful for my business as I don’t have reliability issues with the product, for any of my customers and that in it self is a blessing not like some of the other products that I have used in the past. I have had a great deal of pleasure working with the whole team at Adaptronic they are all (no exceptions) extremely friendly and helpful with … [Read more...]